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Showroom : Every Distral Maroc’s sales agency has a showroom which carries a wide selection of Astral decorative paintings. These showrooms are equipped with other products such as painting tools from the brand “l’Outil Parfait” and abrasives from “Saint-Gobain”.

Technical support : Deciding on which paint to use depends on the nature of the area to be painted, the desired kind of paint and the appropriate tools to use in order to get the optimal result. To guarantee maximum efficiency, we provide technical support and on site assistance to facilitate a flawless application of our products in the realization of your projects.

Centre de formation : The painter’s training is put at the highest level of Distral Maroc’s mission. For this reason, each commercial agency has been equipped with a training center managed by high level technicians who propose, to professional painters, a diploma course on application techniques using the most advanced application tools, seminars and updates.

Two training sessions are offered:

1st session: is composed of 8 theoretical themes and a hands-on module

2nd session: is reserved to graduate painters who aspire to create their own enterprises

Tinting machine : Ready to be used in all of Distral Maroc’s sales agencies, a majority of its clients and all the large scale outlets, the tinting machine “Tons et Couleur”, is able to produce over 1500 colors being the most accurate way to replicate specific tint.

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